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Nes Ammim Hotel Nahariya Israel – Guest reviews and tour of history

by אמא

Meet Nes Ammim Hotel in the Western Galilee.

This lovely Hotel is located in Kibbutz Nes Ammim, between Nahariya and Acre, just 5 minutes from the entrance to Nahariya in green, manicured meadows.

The hotel is great for travelers and families who want to vacation in the north and travel in the Western Galilee area and if you are looking for a nice, quiet, clean and tidy hotel with reasonable budget – it definitely meets the need.

The Nes Ammim Hotel brings a unique story about pioneers from the time of settlement in the Land of Israel and the connection between different peoples from different cultures in Kibbutz Nes Ammim.

Hotel ness amim Naharia

My partner and I arrived for a night at the hotel. We asked for an explanation of the hotel and rooms.

The next morning Peter, the hotel manager, took us on a tour with an explanation of the kibbutz's heritage and shared fascinating details about the kibbutz's history – which began with a group of pioneers who lived in a bus for a long time with a vision of a Jewish, Muslim and Christian community.

Nes Ammim is a communal community established in 1963 by Nes Ammim, headed by Dr. Johan Pilon of the Netherlands, whose main goal is to maintain social, cultural and economic ties with Israeli Jewish society.

To this day volunteer volunteers come from European countries, whether in the community compounds or in the many orchards surrounding the settlement.

יער הילדים קיבוץ נס עמים

Peter, a British citizen, came to Kibbutz Nes Ammim as a volunteer in his youth and today he manages the hotel and contributes his extensive experience in order to increase the hotel's activities, whether through events, cultural activities and guided tours of the kibbutz.

Nes Ammim has 48 spacious guest rooms in a rustic atmosphere and pastoral surroundings, surrounded by lawns and wooden benches in the garden corners.

The hotel rooms are cozy, equipped with comfortable and high quality beds, central air conditioning, cable TV, telephone and refrigerator.

The hotel is not luxurious and the design is a little old fashioned, but it certainly offers a pleasant atmosphere and an great value for money.

Rooms are suitable for families of 2 adults and 2 children.

חדר במלון נס עמים

In addition, it is possible to sleep in one of the 8 guest apartments that are part of the hotel – spacious, air conditioned apartments with two bedrooms, kitchenette, refrigerator, coffee and electric kettle, living room, cable TV, air conditioning, telephone, . Suitable for up to 6 people.

(No Barbecque allowed).

Nes Ammim Hotel – dining room

The hotel's dining room is quite large and connects to a terrace with a relaxing green view at breakfast. You can enjoy breakfast from a variety of cheeses, salads, eggs and pastries and at dinner you will enjoy home cooked food, with a fairly decent selection and even children's dishes such as fried chicken, rice, flakes and a variety of other options.

Nes Ammim Hotel – Facilities

The hotel has a large outdoor pool open during the summer season, but in winter you can enjoy the Country Club area at Kibbutz Evron, which is a 5-minute drive from the hotel with a heated indoor pool.

מלון נס עמים מרפסת

Of course you can enjoy wireless internet in rooms and a beautiful and luxurious lobby with bar.

In addition, the hotel has a synagogue and it hosts events and accommodations of Shabbat Chatan at very reasonable prices.

Nes Amim hotel lobby

Prayer Center for All Religions:

At Kibbutz Nes Ammim you will find a prayer center for all religions, a kind of religious place where everyone can pray according to their choice and regardless of religion.

מרכז תפילה נס עמים

The place contains elements from different cultures that have joined them together with a meditation room, and there are also various events in the large prayer hall.

מרכז קהילה נס עמים

I find it fascinating to see the agenda of inclusion and acceptance of the different regardless of religion, race or gender.

At the entrance to the compound you will find a statue that contains a combination of the three main religions – Jews, Christians and Muslims, each praying in a different direction and in a different position:

 If you are staying with children at the Nes Ammim Hotel, you can enjoy spacious lawns and meadows, take a tour of the kibbutz, and if you are already there, pass through the bus museum located in the hotel courtyard.

There, as I wrote, the pioneers lived together – about 8-9 people on the bus – ate, slept and lived there for a long time, until they began to build the first structures on the kibbutz.

אוטובוס חלוצים נס עמים

אוטובוס של המתיישבים מלון נס עמים

In the museum you can visit the same bus that is amazingly preserved with vintage items from the period of the pioneers, to understand how much vision they had and how hard they worked to establish the kibbutz.

קיבוץ נס עמים אוטובוס חלוצים – מבט מבחוץ

Trip to the Western Galilee – Nahariya area – Recommendation for a day trip

We arrived for a short weekend in the north of the center.

 On the first day we took a trip to Nahariya in the area of the promenade and the beach, and then we went to Hamat Gader for a day of pampering in the spa and spa baths of Spa Village.

We arrived at the Nes Ammim Hotel and spent the night there.

On the second day we took a trip to Rosh Hanikra, which is a 20-minute drive from the hotel Which is ideal for families who travel in the area and look for a pleasant place to sleep.

Rosh ha nikra grottes

We went down the cable car and strolled among the grottoes, an amazing experience in a magical place – it is recommended to arrive in the early morning hours because we will be busy in the afternoon and have to wait in long queues.

On the way home, we went through the old city of Akko for a walk in the Arab market. We walked along the promenade and ate at a marina restaurant right on the sea.

The Western Galilee region has a lot to offer, whether you are traveling alone, in a couple, with friends or as a family.

Luckily, in the State of Israel, winter also has quite a few sunny days and pleasant weather. We visited early December and enjoyed a temperature of 25 degrees.

To the Nes Ammim Hotel website and to book hotel rooms: Nes Ammim Hotel

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