Home תרבות ופנאיתיירות - נופש מסעדות ומלונותמלונותמלונות בירושלים 21st Floor Suit Hotel Jerusalem Israel Review – 21 floor hotel – Hotel in Israel

21st Floor Suit Hotel Jerusalem Israel Review – 21 floor hotel – Hotel in Israel

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 21st Floor Suit Hotel Jerusalem Israel Review – 21 floor hotel – Hotel in Israel

21st Floor Hotel Jerusalem Review

How many of you went looking for a luxurious hotel in Jerusalem with a luxurious suite and find out that prices are crazy for a night?

If you are a couple that want to stay in a hotel at Jerusalem for the weekend, You might pay מלון הקומה ה21 ירושלים between 1000 -1800 shekels per night for a standard room and around-1500-3000 NIS, for a fancy suit.

(And some hotels in Israel might cost even more, such as Apartments and presidential suites).

For the luxuries lovers who wish to spend the weekend (or the midweek) in a fancy amazing hotel, you should Meet one of the more unique and beautiful hotels that Israel can offer in Jerusalem city – The 21st-floor suit hotel.

I was invited  by the PR of the "21st floor" hotel to stay and give my review.

I saw that the hotel is an "apartments" hotel as defined,
So I was wondering if it worth the effort to leave my house and drive to Jerusalem to stay in an Apartment for the weekend When I have a house alone without children.

Since I am a fan of adventure and curious by nature and after two weeks in which most of the time I was at home with sick kids, I decided to give it a chance and to go with my boyfriend without too much expectations.

We were told that the hotel is in a building called  the city tower and located on the 21st floor and not include the whole building.

So the City Tower is located in the center of Jerusalem,on  Eliash Ben Yehuda St. (near the lev hotel  for those who know)
And the building is impossible to miss, since it's the highest building on this main junction.

In terms of parking- after we realized that we'd hooked in front of the hotel parking lot on Street Eliash 1,
Its cost 40 NIS per day. not too much considering the fact that you are parking at the center of Jerusalem.

The building looks from the outside like a standard office building.

When we ordered the room we got a confirmation mail that describes how to arrive and how to use the elevator and a special code to reach to the 21st floor.

The  Elevator doors opened and we got to a decorated hall in black with special lighting which created a luxurious atmosphere and made everything that we saw till then to disappear.


מסדרונות הקומה ה-21.

מסדרונות הקומה ה-21 The hallway 21st floor hotel Jerusalem

You will not find at the hotel a grand lobby, public areas, spa, or spaces, only hall and suites.

After all, if you come to relax or enjoy a romantic vacation, you really don't need more than that.



סויטה דלקס, מלון הקומה ה-21 בירושלים delux suit, 21 st floor hotel Jerusalem

Vicky showed us the room, and apologized that "This is only the medium size suite and not the presidential suite"..

As soon as the door opened, me and my partner looked at each other , thinking "lucky us."

The suite is large and spacious and tastefully decorated in grand style.
It's more "Luxurious split-level" than "Accommodation Apartment "

The bottom floor has a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, dining area and a huge window overlooking the Jerusalem view from one of the best spots on the 21st floor.

These spectacular views will make you feel  a complete cut from the world.


After we admired the first floor of the suite,  Vicky asked us whether we would like to see the top floor –
Each suite contains a lower and upper floor.
At the lower floor -you will find a large sofa that opens into a double bed and big accessorized kitchen, a dining table, TV, toilet room and stairs to the upper floor.

20151120_141429 ww

We went up the stairs to the second floor.

There's a large and spacious bathroom  that has a large Jacuzzi and shower-equipped with special soaps and lotions imports from abroad for use and enjoyment of the guests.


חדר האמבטיה המפנק - מלון הקומה ה21 - ג'קוזי בכל סויטה!

חדר האמבטיה המפנק – מלון הקומה ה21 – ג'קוזי בכל סויטה!

 And Then we arrived to the bedroom, which is totally one of the most beautiful bedrooms  I've come across in hotels in Israel and abroad.

We both felt as if someone up there  likes us very much that we have the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality at this unique and amazing room.

The bedroom has a  closet room, a long sofa and a romantic pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere  ..



The royal bedroom חדר השינה המלכותי בסויטה בקומה ה-21. להעביר כאן סופשבוע שלם. רומנטיקה במיטבה!

It was already 3 midday on Friday, and since we were at the center of Jerusalem, that means that most businesses were shut down and the streets were empty because this is a religious area.

We went to a near coffee shop called – coffee Bezalel  which is right next to the hotel.

We ate a light lunch and went back to the hotel to rest.


3 בצהריים, יום שישי, ירושלים הולכת לשנ"צ..

3 בצהריים, יום שישי, ירושלים הולכת לשנ"צ..

The hotel is located near to Mahane Yehuda market but unfortunately we did not manage to walk around it and definitely go back and do this again next time.We planned to eat in the evening in one of the best restaurants in Jerusalem that called Mahane-Yuda, but we found out that they are closed on the weekend. we were recommended to go to another great restaurant called  Talbieh.


ירושלים בלילה במלוא הדרה, נוף מחלון החדר

Friday night view from our window ירושלים בלילה במלוא הדרה, נוף מחלון החדר

We realized that the restaurant is a 20-minute walk from our hotel and we decided to take a walk on the streets and enjoy a tour on Jerusalem streets on Friday night with the google map navigator on our smartphone.

Talbieh was a great choice! 

Everything was delicious and really enjoyed a meal in a romantic and solid place.


ארוחת ערב בטלבייה - ירושלים - חוויה קולינרית משובחת!

ארוחת ערב בטלבייה – ירושלים – חוויה קולינרית משובחת!

 We enjoyed walking back to the hotel among the alleys and streets of the city,
The fresh air and gorgeous weather was perfect for this kind of fun walking .

On Saturday morning, we ate breakfast at the apartments hotel that called "Lev Hotel" which located right next door to the 21st floor hotel, which provides breakfast for the guests of the hotel since there's no dining room.

In the dining room there was quite rich assortment of cheeses, pastries and salads, and even though it was a Saturday breakfast – it was a successful and enjoyable.

Not too fancy but perfectly adequate average for Israeli breakfast.
They told us that in the midweek the breakfasts are even more successful there but for us it was exactly what we needed.



Saturday morning on the streets of Jerusalem  שבת בבוקר בירושלים..

We walked through the city streets after breakfast.

I'm an urban girl from an urban city called Rishon le zion, and use to have a busy weekends with action but there was something in the peaceful energy of shabat in this holy city.


The view of Jerusalem on saturday morning לקום בבוקר לכזה נוף מחלון החדר במלון בירושלים. מה צריך יותר מזה כדי למלא את הלב והנשמה? (מלון הקומה ה-21 ירושלים)

I think that the definition of a successful vacation is when I can really break away from the very busy life I have,

and to Change the state of mind.

I could not always do it in other  hotels  I visited, but when it does happen, I'm really able to recharge again and to look forward another intense week with the work and the kids.

So back to the hotel,

As I mentioned, it's not a big hotel with a spectacular public spaces, but it does intended for people who come to the hotel to rest or for people who need a suitable place to stay when they visit relatives, friends or tourists or for "bar mitzva", since the size of the rooms is suitable for families and a big number of guests.

The hotel brings a unique concept and whoever really looking for comfort and a good quiet \ romantic vacation, will find all that you need in this hotel.

 In every Suite you will find a fully equipped kitchen with electric stove, refrigerator, utensils accommodation, pots, microwave and even an espresso machine. If you want you can cook in the room or to order food from outside or entertain friends while staying at the hotel.

If you arrive with children – when food needs are changing and becoming more frequent the hotel offers the best solution.



Acessorized kitchen like at homeמטבח מאובזר לשהות ממושכת ואירוח למשפחות

Staying with kids – the hotel prepared with a variety of board games, a PlayStation and a variety of accessories to keep the children busy during your stay.

I like the thinking outside the box in a way that really sees all the needs of customers who stay for a short or a long time.

In addition, religious people that keep shabat can enjoy shabat elevator on the weekend, Shabat grill and you got the hotel stuff at your service for any need.


So if you are looking to stay in Jerusalem, for any kind of vacation, the 21st floor hotel is a great option with the best value for money in prices that are still not so high.

If you are looking for a hotel in Tel aviv, you should check Port & Blue Hotel from the same network and offers a great vacation in one of the best locations of Tel aviv port.


עוד קצת מהנוף הקסום של ירושלים ממלון הקומה ה-21 עם קצת פילטרים..

עוד קצת מהנוף הקסום של ירושלים ממלון הקומה ה-21 עם קצת פילטרים..The hotel view of Jerusalem

Although this is quite new hotel which is not too familiar, you should try it and enjoy great price for now, for a romantic or family vacation.

 21 st floor hotel


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